We are moving to a new site HMDtrailers.com 

As from today all our emails and pricing information will be through HMDTrailers.com.  Emails will be forwarded to info@hmdtrailers.com

What should I do if I am an existing customer? Don’t worry we have it covered, you can keep using the existing contact or the new one which ever suits you.

We will be keeping this URL and associated email for an extended transitional period (that could be a very long time)




Vlemmix Trailers started in 2006 with the production of trailers and boat-trailers.  Vlemmix produce a sturdy and reliable trailers at a competitive price. The result is that Vlemmix Trailers are now the largest producer of boat trailers in the Netherlands, and second in Germany. The formula used is a small assortment of models produced in large quantities and the ability to flex each model in size or customer preference. This approach has led to a smarter and leaner operation with greater benefits passed on to our customer base.

Expansion into the ever growing Tiny House movement has seen a steady growth with Vlemmix leading the charge in bespoke quality trailers for this growing market.

Vlemmix produces boat-trailers, tiny house trailers and machine transporters. The high standard of production quality means that a standard 5 year warranty on the fully welded, hot dipped galvanised chassis is in place.

Vlemmix trailers are available at more than 100 point of sales across the Netherlands, Central Europe and Scandinavia. We also have the European licenses.

We are now able to market trailers through Vlemmix Trailers UK and look forward to discussing your requirements.

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