Tiny House ‘Plateau’


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    • The standard location of the axles is in the middle and than 20CM to the back. The location of the axles can also be adjusted suitable to the wishes of the client.
  • The Tiny house platform trailer can also be used for transport purposes in addition to the chassis for a Tiny House.
  • The total width of the building platform is 244 cm (only the mudguards are 255 cm)
  • When the axles are fully loaded (3500 KG), the loading height drops from 62 cm to 58 cm
  • Standard tyre size is 13 inch
  • The difference between a Tiny house and the Tiny house “Plateau” is that the plateau version has no mudguards over the tires. On the Tiny house “Plateau” there is only a small mudguard behind the tyres.

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