COVID-19 Update – January 2021 update – For a limited period we not passing on the manufacturer price increase of 20% We have recently increased our commercial commitment with our colleagues in the Netherlands meaning that we can guarantee our next delivery date,  which is week 18 2021.  To avoid disappointment please order your trailer as soon as you can our.  Note: – All distribution points have to join the same supply line!  Please always check to see if we have your trailer in stock. 

As with all Vlemmix trailers the customer has the option change the location of the axles, the standard location is in the middle and than 20 centimetres to the back.  Ultimately the nose weight of the trailer must be between 50 and 150 kilogram.

All Tiny house trailer come equipped with LED lights on the sides and front as standard.  The number plate and light rear section is removable to aid in construction and to allow for any variations due to customers own designs.


Loading heights fully charged + the height of the mudguard above the frame.

Total inch wheels Loading height (unloaded)

(Loaded: – 4cm)

Distance Loading height top mudguard
13’ wheels 195/50/13 52 cm 10 cm Standard Version
14’ wheels 185 R 14 C 58 cm 17 cm

Optional extras

  • Spare tyre and spare tyre holder
  • Alloy wheels grey + tyre 185 R14 900KG 
  • Alloy wheels black + tyre 185 R14 900KG
  • Wheel chock with holder (blue)
  • 4 x support legs

Inclusive of Vat

Prices 2020 Inclusive of VatLengthPlatformHeightLoadPrice
D TH540 3500 KG 2 X AS 1800 KG710542X244522960£4,052.75
E TH600 3500 KG 2 X AS 1800 KG770602X244522930£4,115.10
F TH660 3500 KG 2 X AS 1800 KG830662X244522900£4,177.45
G TH720 3500 KG 2 X AS 1800 KG890720X244522880£4,239.80
H TH780 3500 KG 2 X AS 1800 KG950780X244522860£4,364.50
I TH840 3500 KG 2 X AS 1800 KG1010840X244522840£4,551.55
J TH720 3500 KG 3 X AS 1350 KG890720X244522840£4,426.85
K TH780 3500 KG 3 X AS 1350 KG950780X244522820£4,551.55
L TH840 3500 KG 3 X AS 1350 KG1010840X244522790£4,800.95
M TH720 3500 KG 3 X AS 1800 KG890720X244522740£4,988.00
N TH780 3500 KG 3 X AS 1800 KG950780X244522720£5,112.70
O TH840 3500 KG 3 X AS 1800 KG1010840X244522690£5,299.75

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